A Wonder-Filled Year: It’s Powerful and Here’s Why

The top of New Year’s Day Hike. A bit of Wonder.

I’ve been asked quite a bit recently — what my intention is for the new year — and the decade to come. The word that has surfaced is wonder. My East Coast, Type A, Achievement focused — whatever label you choose — mentality can get quickly caught up in the task list and what I “should” be doing at any and every given moment: much of which has supported me, in many ways, to this point.

However, it’s become wildly apparent that the most significant achievements, the most precious moments — the ones we remember — have elements of, or quite frankly, are drenched in wonder. These are the moments that make us stop and realize there is so much to access beyond that to-do list.

A little voice inside my head (it’s relatively quiet) squeaks “it’s crazy to share this!” — that this letter should be about intentionality (which is essential), but wonder is where magic, creativity, inspiration, and rooted insight is born. Einstein lived his life in wonder and believed it was a precondition for life[1]. On a practical level wonder stimulates creativity and even productivity. Just think back to all you learned (in wonder) in childhood.

Whether it’s the moment we look up from cooking breakfast to see a brilliant rainbow that takes our breath away (this morning!), or when a precocious child shares a story, and we are astounded at how they managed such wisdom and creativity at age four, wonder pulls us out of our heads, into the present moment, and requires we step into something greater than ourselves.

My intention for the new year and decade ahead is to cultivate and to seek more wonder. I can’t wait to see what it creates and how it reverberates out into the world. The pictures here capture a few of the 2020 “wonder” moments, and yes, it’s only been a few days.

Will you allow yourself to stand in, and cultivate, awe & wonder?

(I would love to hear your moments, here!)

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