Each year billions of dollars are spent on developing professional women. There are scores of trainings on how to better communicate, be more agile, how to listen, be a better mentor, more creative, less reactive, visionary… the list drones on.

It’s enough to make one’s head spin.

The skillsets needed today are unlike those championed decades ago: a new era of Leadership is not only emerging but compulsory. No longer will we (or do we) celebrate and promote the dictatorial, hard-ass leader who generates their power in threats and aggressive backlashes.

Instead, the visionary, the strategic thinker, the listener and…

Rachel Tenenbaum, CPCC, CNTC, PCC

Neuro-Transformational Coach & Speaker lit up by the science & tools that transform lives. Join the global community Meditation www.iamliving.us/new-events/

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