Each year billions of dollars are spent on developing professional women. There are scores of trainings on how to better communicate, be more agile, how to listen, be a better mentor, more creative, less reactive, visionary… the list drones on.

It’s enough to make one’s head spin.

The skillsets needed today are unlike those championed decades ago: a new era of Leadership is not only emerging but compulsory. No longer will we (or do we) celebrate and promote the dictatorial, hard-ass leader who generates their power in threats and aggressive backlashes.

Instead, the visionary, the strategic thinker, the listener and…

We’ve all been there. Deadlines looming, the to-do list stacked as high as your brand-new stand-up desk, with your kids, parents, and/or spouse hovering in the doorway, barging in on your train of thought, hijacking the few precious moments you set aside to eke out any productivity and meet that critical deadline.

Sound familiar?

Times are different than they were a year ago. There is no denying that. And wanting things to go “back to normal” isn’t solving the problems: If anything, it is only creating a greater delta and divide between sanity and overwhelm.

So, in the midst of…

I knew that if I left my body, it might take time to return. So I refused.

And instead of disengaging, and disassociating from what had just unfolded, (and can be an understandable reaction ), I asked that we turn off the audiobook, and all other “distractions” so that I could actually be with the immensity of the moment. And as I continued to drive our nearly totaled car until we could find cell service, I did what I knew was critical: I focused on my breath, feeling my feet on the pedals, and feeling my hands on the steering…

Why and How you Can Start Meditating, Now (Especially if you think you can’t!)

Image from Keegan-Houser on Unsplash

Over the course of my time teaching Meditation and Mindfulness, I cannot count the number of times I have heard “it’s just not for me… I can’t quiet my mind enough to meditate,” or, “I can’t, I am bad at it.” Does that resonate?

I get it. I, too, was a culprit of an incessant mind. I prided myself in my NYC days for being called an Octopus, seemingly capable of attending to eight tasks at once. I, too, initially feared that in quieting my mind, I would lose that “powerful edge.”

One of my all-time favorite quotes is from Michael Singer.

A truth I have been teaching for years, he boils it down into a candid sentence — a sentence which means more now than ever before.

“You are not the voice of the mind; you are just the one that hears it.”

I’ll repeat that.

You are not the voice of the mind. You are just the one that hears it.

When that fully sinks in, it’s perhaps one of the most liberating, empowering truths to embrace. It changes lives. But at first, for many, myself included, it can kick…

Image from David Clode

As I type, perched at my desk, I am wildly aware that we all sit in different cities around the world, holding different perspectives and varying levels of fear regarding the most recent global pandemic, the Coronavirus.

Much hangs in the balance as business trips and conferences get canceled, markets fluctuate, employees and students are advised to stay at home, and cities are even contemplating lockdowns; truth be told, the instability could end quickly, or not.

What is frightening is not necessarily the virus itself, as in many ways it is relatable to the flu, but what has the globe…

The top of New Year’s Day Hike. A bit of Wonder.

I’ve been asked quite a bit recently — what my intention is for the new year — and the decade to come. The word that has surfaced is wonder. My East Coast, Type A, Achievement focused — whatever label you choose — mentality can get quickly caught up in the task list and what I “should” be doing at any and every given moment: much of which has supported me, in many ways, to this point.

However, it’s become wildly apparent that the most significant achievements, the most precious moments — the ones we remember — have elements of, or…

Forgive me, as I may not relay this brilliant, heartfelt lesson in its fullest form, though I promise to try:

Yesterday, at the start of class, I heard the following,

When we are in shame, fear, anger, or frustration, there is no space for love.

Isn’t that what we are all after, after all, love? To be and feel love?

The antidote is forgiveness.

When we forgive, for the thing from either moments or years ago, we open space within ourselves to be fuller expressions of ourselves, to love more fully.”

Those potent words reverberated through my body as I…

Rachel Tenenbaum, CPCC, CNTC, PCC

Neuro-Transformational Coach & Speaker lit up by the science & tools that transform lives. Join the global community Meditation www.iamliving.us/new-events/

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