We’ve all been there. Deadlines looming, the to-do list stacked as high as your brand-new stand-up desk, with your kids, parents, and/or spouse hovering in the doorway, barging in on your train of thought, hijacking the few precious moments you set aside to eke out any productivity and meet that…

One of my all-time favorite quotes is from Michael Singer.

A truth I have been teaching for years, he boils it down into a candid sentence — a sentence which means more now than ever before.

“You are not the voice of the mind; you are just the one that…

Forgive me, as I may not relay this brilliant, heartfelt lesson in its fullest form, though I promise to try:

Yesterday, at the start of class, I heard the following,

When we are in shame, fear, anger, or frustration, there is no space for love.

Isn’t that what we are…

Rachel Tenenbaum, CPCC, CNTC, PCC

Neuro-Transformational Coach & Speaker lit up by the science & tools that transform lives. Join the global community Meditation www.iamliving.us/new-events/

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